The history:


The yazdbaf (public joint stock co) at historical city of Yazd in an area of 120,000 sqm established in 1956.
The yazdbaf co,  with its integrated production line, very soon became the most reputable  brand in Irans textiles.
After revolution in 1981 the development of production line considered as a  important aim and very soon a new plants with the available know how in 65,000 sqm erected.
The result of upgrading the production line showed it self in enhancing the production range to the spinning and weaving capacity reached to 17,000 kg of yarn and 200,000 sqm of grey cloth per day respectively.
This huge capacity caused a new strategy for exports to be studied and very soon the Yazdbaf products exported to Europ countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, England and Greece.
Also this new approach and the increasing volume of exports during the 1993 and after, brought about a new reputation for Yazdbaf and enabled this company to be selected as exemplary exporter for several times.
At the present the recorded capital of Yazdbaf co has reached to billion rials 36 and has more than 7,500 shareholder.
The area of factory is 27,000 sqm which included spinning, weaving and finishing dept. the number of employees is 1400 people and the varieties of production like cotton, artificial fibre and blend of them can meet the different taste of market.
The basic strategy of Yazdbaf co are:

  1. To improve the permanent process of production
  2. To meet the customer requirement and increase product acceptability by market
  3. Diversification of products
  4. Enhance the efficiency and decrease the depreciation and wastage
  5. To obtain the bigger segment of the local markets and approach new markets in foreign countries



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